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Specialisation: Poverty

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Annotated Bibliography: Poverty and Social Class

Alm, S., Nelson, K., & Nieuwenhuis, R. (2020). The diminishing power of one? Welfare state retrenchment and rising poverty of single-adult households in Sweden 1988–2011. European Sociological Review, 36(2), 198-217. This study

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Poverty and Inequality in Bangladesh

Introduction Income inequality is a key contributor to both the economic as well as social inequalities witnessed in both developed and emerging countries. One of the key effects is unequal

Continue reading 13 Mar 2024
How Are Immigrants Affected by Poverty in Canada?

This essay will mainly discuss how immigrants to Canada are impacted by poverty. This means that the study is on how poverty affects various people who immigrate to Canada for

Continue reading 4 May 2023
Poverty and Income Inequality

Introduction Income inequality and poverty are two major issues facing society today. As the disparity between the wealthy and those in poverty continues to widen, more and more people are

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Causes of Immigration

Abstract Global immigrants are growing as people seek better environments to establish their livelihoods. While countries like the United States offer refuge to thousands of immigrants, the political opinion is

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