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One of the most common assignments that students get through their academic career is a lab report. This paper is usually required in order to let students combine practical and theoretical knowledge to better understand the process and the meaning of the experiment performed in a lab. Such reports usually take much time and effort to complete, especially if the experiment that you should base your work on was performed a while ago.

What You Should Know About Lab Reports

Many students struggle with their reports not only because they don’t know what parts their work should consist of and how to format it. Here are a few specifics that one should pay attention to before they start working on it:

  • Understanding the structure of a lab report is crucial. Here are the main components of it: Title. Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Literature.
  • Keeping the work concise is as important as making your text clear and easy to read while also using only past tense and passive voice. These are the basic rules of any lab report as it should follow the steps that you took previously and help your readers recreate the experiment while achieving the same results.
  • When working on the tables and figures, it’s essential to understand which data you should include and which not. For example, some facts can be summarized in the text and not included in your tables. You should also avoid using raw data in your tables and figures.
  • When using any species names, they should be properly styled – underlined or italicized.
  • Using credible sources is one of the most important rules in academic writing. When you are using any data from a website, make sure it is reviewed. The Internet is full of unreviewed and unproven information. And Wikipedia is too, by the way.
  • When describing the steps that were taken and the experiment in general, you should use proper and clear language to make sure your readers will understand the process that you are describing and will be able to recreate it.

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