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Specialisation: Inequality

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Poverty and Inequality in Bangladesh

Introduction Income inequality is a key contributor to both the economic as well as social inequalities witnessed in both developed and emerging countries. One of the key effects is unequal

Continue reading 13 Mar 2024
Schools and Inequality

Our education systems have grown over the past years. However, the systems are still faced with multiple problems, internal and external challenges. These challenges affect society and families but most

Continue reading 3 Mar 2023
Future Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Work, Inequality, and Personal Liberty

Artificial Intelligence refers to the artifacts that are used to detect contexts or to implement actions in response to the identified contexts (Bryson, 2019, p. 1). Technological advancement has increased

Continue reading 16 Feb 2023
Poverty and Income Inequality

Introduction Income inequality and poverty are two major issues facing society today. As the disparity between the wealthy and those in poverty continues to widen, more and more people are

Continue reading 8 Feb 2023
The American Dream and Income Inequality

Several developed nations are experiencing substantially higher income and wealth inequality, and the problem is growing, causing a national debate to intensify. Economic shocks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the

Continue reading 12 Oct 2022