5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing an Essay

Posted on March 29th, 2022 Essay Writing

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Every student knows that writing an essay is not that simple. It’s a tedious task that consists of many steps and each one has its rules and pitfalls that sometimes can ruin all the work no matter how you try. Here is the list of the most common yet list obvious mistakes that you need to avoid when working on your essay.

Neglecting the Task

Every writing assignment has its task – to explain something, prove a point, or analyze some concept. Whenever you are starting your work, you should always keep the task in mind. What your essay should do for a reader? Should it convince them of something or make them debate and ask questions? Should it be your theory or idea, or should it be based on someone’s previous work?

These simple yet logical questions might help you avoid deteriorating when you are writing. Many students make this common mistake – they are writing their works but don’t know what for. Make sure you understand what the type of your essay should be – it might make you want to be more persuasive, or vice versa, more wondering.

Writing About Everything at the Same Time

An essay is a work that should be focused on a particular topic and you should avoid writing about some other concepts or ideas as it might be hard to understand what the connection between the two is. 

Be sure to concentrate on the topic and subject solely. If you need to mention some other related topics or works, you can do it using citations, but don’t dedicate a whole paragraph to something that has nothing to do with your essay.

Repeating the Same Thing

Even though your essay is dedicated to a particular event, fact, idea, or concept, you should not repeat the same points throughout the text. It’s a common thing – to put your thesis statement into your conclusion as a method of proving that your thesis was indeed correct. However, you should never repeat yourself in your essay.

Make sure you phrase your idea or point of view differently each time you need to mention it in the text. Sometimes repetitions can ruin a rather great work because they really draw attention and might look like an unprofessional effort to explain yourself.

No Transition

Transitions between the paragraphs and points are crucial for a reader as they make It much easier to follow the line. Sometimes, it might be even confusing, when an essay is built in a way you can’t really understand where each part starts and ends. 

Transitional sentences are commonly used at the end of each paragraph to make the logic flow nicer and smoother. It can also be a good way to summarize the paragraph and close the narrative about a particular fact or concept.

Too Many Fancy Words

A lot of students think that fancy words and specific terminology will make their essays sound much more professional. However, it’s not true. The more complex words you use, the more it is obvious to your professor that you might be writing about something that you don’t understand. 

Avoid making the structure of your essay complex too, as it makes it hard to read and might even confuse your reader to the point where your idea might lose its sense. Stick to a classic essay structure with an introduction, the main part (the body paragraphs) with all the details and necessary evidence, and the conclusion with the final summary of your work.

Not Proofreading Your Essay

The most important part of essay writing is the proofreading and editing part as it allows you to polish your essay and correct the mistakes. It’s not always possible to write a completely error-free essay from the very start, so you definitely should spend some time making it look as good as it can.

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