How to Overcome Boredom While Studying

Posted on February 15th, 2022 College Life

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Boredom and tiredness are the two things that make the process of studying so forced. Moreover, it’s a different experience for each one of us due to personal qualities, and of course, major choice. Not every class is equally interesting or easy to manage – we all know that. And while we all wish studying was more fun, there are some easy tips that can help you beat boredom while studying. This blog post will tell you how to do it.

Why Do We Get Bored?

First of all, let’s find out why we tend to get bored when we are studying. There are a few reasons for that, for example:

  • You don’t find the material interesting or useful
  • You don’t understand the concept and force yourself to memorize information
  • You don’t understand how theory can be put into practice
  • You are distracted by the thoughts or emotions at the moment
  • You are not interested in the chosen major
  • You don’t like the program or professor
  • You are not motivated to continue studying

Many of these reasons above can combine into one big obstacle on your way when you are sitting down to start another study session. You may feel distracted or uncomfortable, emotionally exhausted or vice versa – too excited about some upcoming events or some recent text messages, you might fear exams or feel too stressed about your college experience in general. No wonder, you can’t concentrate on your studies and feel trapped. This results in a lack of energy, motivation, while the level of your tiredness and boredom increase. You start procrastinating, trying to postpone the moment when you have to complete your assignments. Eventually, you might hand your papers in at the last moment, finishing them in haste, or just not handing them at all. This is when you need to change your approach.

Avoid Cramming

The more time you spend studying at a time, the more boring the process becomes. It seems like this study session will never end, and you still have so much to do! It feels more like a punishment and there is nothing that can cheer you up unless it’s a magic spell to make all of your assignments done.

Make Small Steps

What you need to do is to break bigger tasks into smaller portions and avoid long study sessions, especially all-nighters. It will, of course, require you to start working on your assignments long before they are due. However, it’s much easier to get everything done is to make small steps. Don’t try to complete a larger essay in one evening – it will be a challenging and time-consuming task. Work on one element of your essay at a time to complete it in one week. You will see that working on such a paper feels much less boring when you don’t have to struggle with it for long hours.

Breaks Are Crucial

It’s hard to overestimate the power of breaks. Whenever you working or studying for a long time, it’s crucial to give yourself a chance to reboot and rest for a little. Make sure to set an alarm for each 30-45 minutes and rest for at least 10 minutes. These short breaks can help you stay focused while also keeping your mind sharp. Watch a short episode of your favorite show, have a snack, or just lay down, then keep on going with your energy level boosted again.

Get Help

Another piece of advice for you is to turn to a team of professional writers, who will help you complete even the most tedious papers, which means less stress and boredom in your life. If you don’t feel like writing that paper, just send us your request.

Make It Comfortable

Sometimes we get tired and bored because we simply don’t feel comfortable enough, thus can’t focus on a task. Try to find what makes it easier for you to concentrate – maybe it’s the right lighting, calming music or nature sounds, fresh air, or some cozy chair. 

If you feel like you are distracted by your thoughts or emotions, try some breathing or meditation techniques. Sometimes they are very helpful. Moreover, they can become your ritual or that kind of routine that helps you get ready for brainstorming.

Get a Study Buddy

Partnering up for studying seems like a thing that doesn’t deserve your attention. Moreover, you might feel like it’s a technique for middle school kids, not for you. However, this might be a wrong conclusion.

Studying with a friend or in a group can bring you a new perspective on learning techniques. We all have different approaches towards notetaking, memorizing, or even planning our study time. You might learn something new from your peers and the way they study. 

But what’s even more important, you might stop viewing studying as a boring process that takes your time. You can make your studying in a group a thing that cheers you up, turn it into a game or a bet that is interesting to get involved in.

These are all the tips that we have for you for today. We hope they will help you struggle less and make studying more fun.


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