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Specialisation: Stress

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Exploring Biological and Psychological Factors in Stress Management With Focus on the Client

Introduction The client-counselor relationship and environment are essential for identifying the issue with the client. During the session, as the client, the counselor was able to identify stress management as

Continue reading 31 May 2024
Mental Health Issues: Stress

Julie, a 42-year-old female, is experiencing many stressors in her life. Julie is experiencing stress in the body system through headaches and difficulty sleeping, and she is experiencing an increase

Continue reading 23 May 2024
The Various Effects of Stress

Introduction Stress inevitably impacts our lives, which physically and psychologically affect us. I will examine how stress affects my life in this reflective essay, taking into account the learnings from

Continue reading 6 Mar 2024
Exploring the Impact of Stress on Sexual Health in Healthy Marriages

A healthy marriage cannot ignore sexual health, which is an integral part of general health status. The paper also touches on the physical signs of stress and sexual relationships in

Continue reading 1 Mar 2024
Academic Stress Leads to Mental Health Issues

Zayed University students are facing mental health problems due to poor time management and academic obligations. However, this can be solved by providing mental health services for students and educating

Continue reading 7 Feb 2024
Stress Management Activities

Introduction To navigate challenging situations, we need our bodies to produce stress, fight, or flight reactions. Our body responds to an imminent threat by generating stress hormones, stiffening our tendons

Continue reading 28 Jul 2023
Stress and Stress Management Strategies

Introduction Stress is a natural feeling of inability to cope with particular demands and events. According to Lehrer and Woolfolk (2021), stress is the body’s natural mechanism of defense against

Continue reading 8 Mar 2023
Stress and Anxiety in a School Setting

Introduction Child health in school depends on the experiences they undergo in their day-to-day life that may cause anxiety and stress, effects that would affect their psychological well-being, cause trauma,

Continue reading 9 Feb 2023