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Specialisation: Childhood Obesity

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Addressing Childhood Obesity in the Hispanic Community

The problem of child obesity is almost out of proportion in terms of scale on a global scale and causes irreversible health problems and low quality of life. The Hispanic

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Combatting Childhood Obesity: A Holistic Approach

Description of Childhood Obesity Childhood obesity is widespread and urgent, requiring multimodal management. Childhood obesity has increased over the past few decades, creating short- and long-term health concerns that can

Continue reading 5 Jun 2024
Childhood Obesity

The problem of childhood obesity is a significant issue that researchers have focused much on the impact it has had on both an individual and society as a whole. In

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Childhood Obesity and the Effects It Has Later in Life

Introduction Childhood obesity is a worldwide epidemic, and the problem is surfacing earlier in life. Three decades ago, there were little overweight children, while today, 15% of children are obese

Continue reading 6 Oct 2022