Effects of Depression

Watching people transition into healthy and happy adults is one of the most rewarding journeys, which, however, tends to be one of the most exhaustive and stressful roles one must fill. However, transitioning into an adult comes with responsibilities such as parenting, which often causes vulnerability to psychological anguish, leading to psychiatric disorders such as major depression (Dhillon et al., 2022). Feelings of unworthiness and guilt characterize major depression, sleeping problems, disruption in eating habits, slowing behavior, and thoughts of suicide (Kolb et al., 2001). Research postulates that distressed people are less likely to participate in pleasant interaction behaviors and are more likely to abuse or neglect people around them, such as their relatives, children, or friends. For example, children who have depressed relatives are more likely to experience behavioral, emotional, and cognitive issues. Thus, it is important to recognize depression early for suitable precautionary and corrective measures. Alertness, consequences, and corrective measures are essential and tend to significantly impact the people within a given state as problems are dealt with earlier (Dhillon et al., 2022). This essay will give a better understanding of depression by explaining its cause and effects.

A meta-analysis conducted postulates that depression in men is higher than in women. The variations between the percentage of men and women depressed are attributed to various causes, such as divergent expectations and responsibilities between the genders. Risks associated with depression include poor interpersonal relations and inadequate social support (Dhillon et al., 2022). People with depression tend to express or cope with the affective symptoms differently. Clinical research shows that depression results can vary from marked irritability, unnecessary anger outburst, avoidance, impulsivity, substance use, isolating oneself from loved ones, and emotional rigidity (Dhillon et al., 2022). Depressive symptoms are often comorbid with substance abuse, a range of somatic signs, obsessive disorders, and anxiety which often mask signs of depression. The most frequent behavioral defects depicted by a depressed person include compulsive exercise and involvement in sexual activities, aggressive behaviors towards people as well as range attacks, excessive use of the internet, for example watching pornographic videos, visiting sexual sites, and internet disorders, loss of interest in family life or a partner where a person engages more in leisure activities or spend more time at work, extramarital affairs, and spending time in gambling (Dhillon et al., 2022). People with major depression, especially couples, might experience sexual dysfunction and sexual problems, which can arise due to physiological factors such as genital pain and psychological problems such as excitement disorders or depressed mood.

It is vital to recognize the existence of interaction between the psychological states of a member who is identified to be under depression for the people to provide a successful intervention. There is evidence concerning the impact of depression on a person’s wellness and development and the later psychosocial results. A study postulates that depression in a person tends to be associated with undesirable aggressive behavior. Major depression harms healthy engagement behaviors as well. People with major depression show higher opposition, defiance, and hyperactivity (Dhillon et al., 2022). In a nutshell, depression affects a person’s wellness and hurts a family unit and society. An enhanced awareness concerning symptomatology, occurrence, and prevention of depression will help the family and society and enable a psychologically healthy society.


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Author: Alan Jabbour
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