Common Problems College Students Face (and How to Solve Them)

Posted on August 5th, 2022 College Life

College time is a fun experience, yet very challenging. Many college students face the same problems and make the same mistakes, especially when it’s their first year. You, however, can avoid these pitfalls and with the help of the following blog post solve some of the most common problems that you might face as a student. Here we go.


Talking about student problems without mentioning stress and pressure is not possible. The majority of freshmen face a level of stress that they were never prepared for. And in addition, they face pressure from their parents, peers, professors, and sometimes even friends. 

Peer influence among students is very high due to the fact that they belong to a narrow group of people who communicate a lot, live side by side, and experience confrontation and competition, but they are not a team yet to be able to spread pressure evenly in the group. It means that every individual becomes in fact torn from others and experiences a need to become accepted and valued. It becomes a race where you do things that you would not normally do.

Parents’ pressure is another form of stress for students when they need to prove they are not letting their parents down. Many families sacrifice a lot in order to provide a child with adequate education and becoming a disappointment for a student is not an option. So it leads to a feeling that you must do even more, get better grades, and become the best student. It can lead to depression and serious health issues.

How to Solve:

It’s pretty hard to step back and look at what your life is currently with all the negative influence and stress you get daily from people around you. But this is what you really need to do. If your peers are toxic to you or their expectations make you do something you don’t feel okay about – it’s time to understand that they are not your friends and will never be. There is no point in trying to please others when you feel unhappy about your life, decisions, and actions. Make sure you talk to your parents about how their approach affects your life and your mental state. Try to be a better person for yourself not for someone else.

Financial Issues

Debt, loans, lack of money. The majority of college students know exactly why these three words are commonly associated with college years. One of the most widespread fears and concerns among college students is their finances and inability in the future to pay off their debt quickly enough.

How to Solve:

Plan your budget wisely – don’t spend more than you have though credit cards might be tempting. Learn how to save by using special deals for students and seasonal sales. You can also buy textbooks or other useful things for college from students who sell their old belongings. Making sure you save for an emergency or a financial cushion is very important.

Lack of Time

The reason why we sometimes don’t have time is not the lack of time itself but rather the lack of proper time-management skills. For example, you might be spending too much time on your favorite games, shows, or social media, while you still have three essays to finish. It’s also called procrastination – and it’s a very common problem not only among college students but also among working people. 

It happens because we are not that interested in particular tasks and find them daunting and boring. So, when it comes to finishing something, we could say that we didn’t have time for that and in that way lie to ourselves.

However, if you know how to manage your time and plan your day, there is really nothing hard in finishing all of your tasks, including your homework. If you have a job, it becomes a little trickier, but still possible.

How to Solve:

Try a daily planner – an app or a journal where you can track all of your classes, deadlines, tasks, assignments, shifts, extracurricular activities, training, etc. Plan your day according to the task you have for it and start with the most challenging tasks first. 

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