The Best Time to Start Writing Your Essay: How to Be Productive

Posted on January 22nd, 2016 Essay Writing
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The greatest challenge in writing your college paper is escaping procrastination and enjoying the writing process. This is especially true for students with overloaded schedules and adult students with issues like home responsibilities and child care. How to gain more energy and fight your procrastination? Read some tips below.

Productivity is about energy

Effective time management strategies are important for students, but productivity is not just about mastering the art of task scheduling. It is more — it is about daunting both time and energy to achieve higher performance.

We must admit that time and energy are closely related: you can only manage your energy in the right time. Only blending your resources — energy and time — you will reach maximum productivity. That is why it is crucial to manage both of your resources at once.

Energy and time are limited sources that is why you should take care of them to:

  • Make the best use of them;
  • Conserve them;
  • Spend them wisely.

Sources of energy

Most people recommend discovering your best time of the day to start working. Some individuals prefer working in the morning, the others — in the evening. However, the truth is that students do not have this unalloyed luxury to choose the best time to write their essays because the deadlines are pressing and the number of assigned tasks continue to grow. You must be wondering, how can one write essays only at times when they have inspiration? What if you have a plenty of essays to write?

The best way to resolve this issue is to take advantage from the most simple sources of energy all the time to stay tuned almost every day. If you use these recommendations regularly, you will discover that almost any time of the day is optimal to start working on your assignment. Here they go:

  • Have enough rest

It is obvious, that students cannot be productive if they are having four hours of sleep every night. Maybe it sounds too simple, but there is no way you will be able to cope with your essays and other writing projects if you are feeling tired. You will be far more engaged to enjoy your studying if you sleep at least eight hours.

  • Eat well

Most people have really strong boost of productivity after a big and tasty meal. Or at least a nice sandwich. If you are feeling a lack of energy — take a break and have at least a snack.

  • Reward yourself

Get yourself small gifts for a good job! This is a good source of positive energy and self-motivation. For example, promise yourself that you will finally buy that nice bag after the lab report is done. If you start rewarding yourself for small successes, you will easily develop new studying habits.

Even if you think that you are a hopeless procrastinator, these sources of energy are always easy to reach. Remember, procrastination is not about laziness. It is just a lack of energy you can easily overcome. Fighting procrastination with simple things will help you finish your tasks with less stress.

Try working differently

If you have decided to stop delaying on a particular paper, it is crucial that you try different strategies for working. Try these ideas to get some work done:

    • Change environment

Your room may not be a place where you are the most productive. Try going somewhere else, like your favorite café, a library or a park. Having no Wi-Fi can be a big plus!

    • Adjust working schedule

If you have an opportunity to schedule your writing time, choose the time when you are the most alert. Try different variants: morning, afternoon, evening, and late night to know when you are at your best.

  • Get a new attitude

Try to stop thinking that your assignment is something horrible. Convince yourself that your task is not that difficult and useless, because you already know how to do it, or you will learn how to it soon. Feel more positive about it.

As you start taking advantage from the simplest sources of energy and experimenting with new working strategies, don’t expect that you are going to stop your procrastination once and forever. It is not an overnight transformation, so get ready to change your habits bit by bit. Good luck!

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