Why Every Student Should Have a LinkedIn Profile

Posted on December 15th, 2015 College Life
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What are you going to do after your graduation?

You are nearing the end of your degree program but have given little thought to what you will do when you graduate. The ultimate goals include getting a job in your field, making good money, and live your life as a successful professional. However, most people don’t just get that degree in hand and then land their dream job. That is why it is so important to plan what you will do to get that career opportunity.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network which is oriented for business opportunities and activities. With LinkedIn you can create your professional account and build a professional network on common interests, learn about companies and read about start-up insights.
You can also receive endorsements from colleagues and classmates with whom you are connected. These endorsements are like little references. Each person that gives you an endorsement for a various skill or attribute is vouching for you. They are letting potential employers know that you actually have the skills that you are telling them you have.

It is important to get connected on LinkedIn

What is the difference between LinkedIn and Twitter, Facebook? Twitter and Facebook are also social networks, but they are oriented to connect with people for social purposes. Instead, LinkedIn focuses on connecting with individuals for professional reasons. And the reasons why every college student need the LinkedIn profile are:

  • build and maintain professional relationships;
  • know more about industry in which you would like to be involved;
  • have an idea how professional CV (resume) looks like, and create your own;
  • research opportunities and staff at companies as that will help you to prepare for a job interview.

The top recruiters create a premium account on the LinkedIn platform for a search of the potential candidates. That makes it more important than ever for you to have a well-designed profile for these top recruiters to find. When the top companies are looking for professionals, they look to LinkedIn.

How does it work?

You know now that you need to create a LinkedIn account and here are the things that you will need to know to create a great profile that is going to get you noticed and make the most out of this professional network.

  • Start by creating a solid summary that expresses the job that you are looking for and to give an introduction of why you will be the best suited for the job.
  • Fill your profile with detailed information regarding your certifications, test scores, honors, publications, social activities, etc.
  • Set your skills. Know the job that you can try to get and be sure to identify the skills that you possess that directly apply to that job. You can do this by finding three or four job descriptions that you would be happy doing. Then decide what the most common requirements are for all of them. These are the ones that you will want to concentrate on.

You should make this a priority so that you can start to build your endorsements and a professional looking account. You may even be able to land a job before you even graduate. Do create your LinkedIn profile and good luck!

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