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For me, defining art is hard because everything we do is a kind of art itself. I was always fond of people who create something new, something valuable and important to others. In high school, I was always the kind of person who is active and takes part in various competitions and challenges. This is how I figured out that not only I am good at painting but also at writing, especially when it comes to creative writing, essays on the history of art and its classification, significance, specifics. I went to Rutgers University, gained my Master’s degree in Design, and, after that, dedicated almost a year and a half to writing courses at Harvard University. It wasn’t easy, but it’s worth every single day I spent on learning – as now I’m able to put my knowledge and my skills into something I really enjoy. As a paper writer I love writing about art, and I’m proud to say that every single paper I work on is always 100% put together with competence, diligence, intellect, and care.