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Specialisation: Child Abuse

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Understanding the Psychological Impact of Child Abuse

Introduction Child abuse is an alarming and widespread problem that impacts numerous people across the globe. This psychology essay focuses on the effects of child abuse and how this type of

Continue reading 30 Apr 2024
Child Abuse & Parent Training Therapy for Child Abuse

Introduction Child abuse and neglect is a tremendous public health issue that has adverse childhood experiences with lasting effects on physical health, opportunities to thrive, and well-being. This is a

Continue reading 25 Apr 2024
Family Violence in Florida

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to examine family violence in the context of Florida law and identify best practices for addressing this issue. The paper begins by defining

Continue reading 1 Mar 2023
Child Exploitation, Trafficking, and Prostitution

Introduction Child exploitation, trafficking, and prostitution are all forms of child abuse. They involve the exploitation of children for financial gain. The trafficker or pimp targets vulnerable children and lures

Continue reading 12 Dec 2022