Legalization of Abortion

Abortion is a debate among health specialists across the world. Abortion has led to scientists not coming up with a solution on whether to legalize abortion. Most abortions occur among teenagers, and pregnancies are unexpected. Therefore for teenagers to get rid of unintended pregnancies, they opt to commit abortion. Scientists have discovered that most women get unexpected pregnancies before the age of 45. Abortion appears to be a personal affair because it influences one’s health and lifestyle. The paper below is going to shed light on why religion, political parties and the health fraternity are against abortion.

Christianity does not allow abortion in any way because it is immoral. The Roman Catholic Church they have always maintained that the intentional killing of the unborn baby is wrong in all circumstances. The Roman Catholic Church referred to the book of Genesis (1:27), which explains how God created man in his own image. The Christian religion does not allow abortion and therefore states that if you have an abortion, you are killing the image of God.

Political parties in countries have been at the forefront of the banning of abortion. According to Randolph (2006, PARA 15), the Republican Party does not support the legalization of abortion. The Republicans cite abortion as violating human rights. They also view committing abortion as going against the traditions and morals of society. In this case, abortion lowers the dignity of women in society and therefore is a taboo.

Abortion leads to the death of a woman during the process if not performed well by a doctor. According to (Gerdts et al., 2016), the information was gathered on the death of the women from the files of all states containing the information. The contacts of the women were taken, and when they tried to reach them, their phone numbers were not going through. Their secondary contacts stated that the woman had died. The death certificates of the women were also counter-checked to confirm whether the information relayed was true. The death certificate confirmed that the woman died after performing an abortion. Termination of the fetus before maturity can therefore lead to the death of an individual. This is caused by excessive bleeding during the process and interference of the body organs during termination, depending on the method used.

Abortion leads to the development of haemorrhages in women, according to (Calvert et al., 2018) from the data that was extracted in hospital admissions. The data was collected on those who had a severe condition of haemorrhage. To the study, excessive bleeding in a woman leads to the weakening of the victims.

Women who once engaged in abortion reported life-threatening complications. According to (Gerdts et al., 2016), women had threatening conditions such as eclampsia and postpartum haemorrhage. The women having an abortion did not have these conditions. Women who gave birth suggested the need to reduce physical events for a while at least three times than suggested by the women who received an abortion. In the group of women admitted in the Turnaway Study, of death of a woman was noted. This suggests that abortion causes future effects which are seen during progressive birth.

It is evident that abortion is dangerous to women and leads to complications which lead to death. The complications can either occur during abortion or after abortion when giving birth. Due to the risky dangers of abortion, the government should ban abortion to performed in any case to avoid an increased mortality rate. Specialists should also create awareness among the public and the dangers of engaging in this immoral behavior.


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Author: Adrienne DeRosa
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