Effects of Social Media on Society

Social media is an application and website that enables people to form and share content or participate in social networks. It has introduced people to digital communication through messages and real-time chatting. Social media has a significant impact on teenagers, both negative and positive. Some social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, WhatsApp and many more.

Positive Effects

Health. Social media helps people share ideas about various diseases and their symptoms worldwide. It has allowed people to protect themselves from multiple diseases and learn how to cope with them. It also helps friends and relatives to share doctors’ prescriptions. It helps them to follow doctors’ advice on various diseases. It has also allowed physiologists to research multiple conditions and develop a solution that will help its spread. (Akram &Kumar, 2017).

Education. Social media helps teachers post assignments, HomeWorks and other school events, which students can easily access(Siddiqui.S &Singh.T 2016). It also helps a student to learn online, and they can gain knowledge which helps them to pass their examinations. It also helps to search for difficult words, for example, in google, which helps them to understand the content.

Business. Social media helps people to know rich people’s experiences. It enables small business people to understand, and they can use it to boost their business until they achieve the best. It also helps business people to make new customers by providing different facilities online. It enables the customer to decide the type of facility they want online. Social media also offer business all over the world. People can easily buy and sell goods online across the globe with minimal use of resources. (Akram &Kumar, 2017).

Youngsters. Social media sites can allow teens to find support online that they may lack in their traditional cultures. It helps them know the solution to certain problems, and they can get access to mentors and help. Social media also helps them to make choices in their career work. It helps them prepare earlier, so they know what will be expected of them(Siddiqui.S &Singh.T 2016).

Negative Effects

Health. Social media provides incorrect information about self-diagnosis. It may make people use the wrong treatment for certain diseases, which can later be harmful to their bodies

Education. Many writers and bloggers post incorrect information on social media. It may be the cause of examination failure for students. It causes many students not to achieve their dreams. It also makes students lose the ability to engage themselves in face-to-face communication. It may lower students’ self-esteem in public speaking as they are primarily in touch with social media.

In an online learning lesson, a student may be interrupted by other social medial sites. In this way, teachers cannot recognize who is paying attention or not. A student may lack some content, leading to failure in class(Siddiqui.S &Singh.T 2016).

Business. Hostile customers can be harmful to business people. They may discourage sellers that their products are not worthy. In this scenario, sellers may end up giving up. A mistake made on social media is hard to correct it. This mistake may have reached many people, and they get the wrong information which can affect their business. Businesses in social media may be led to time-consuming, which may lead to delays in business issues. (Akram &Kumar, 2017).

Youngster. Sharing details on social media can lead to robbery, murder or even kidnapping. Most teens use most of their time chatting, which can also affect their health, mostly in eye problems. Some sites may provide inappropriate films for children, like killing films which may make teens violent(Siddiqui.S &Singh.T 2016).


As social media grows, many people are using it in their daily work, becoming addicted to it. Adults have often become practical as they use them in their workplaces to gain money through trading. In many cases, teenagers have become the main problem in their academic failure, and many students have not been able to achieve their dreams. Social is very beneficial but should be used wisely way to avoid addiction.


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Author: Chris Peiris
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