Five Habits That Every Successful Student Needs to Develop

Posted on February 28th, 2023 College Life

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Sometimes it is not enough to just attend courses and do homework to be a successful student. You need to acquire skills that would help you throughout your academic years and job in the future. Some of these skills can be learned by practice and learning, but the majority of them are really the result of habits that you develop. Once it becomes a habit to complete your homework on time, organize your day and your space, be active, and stay positive, studying and any other load becomes less stressful and far more manageable. Here are a few habits that will help you with that. 

Planning and Time Management

Students that do well in school have one thing in common. They are able to manage their time in the most effective way, complete their homework at the right time, and prioritize studying. Surely, this is where self-discipline and the ability to plan are very important.

You can build your self-discipline by devoting specified chunks of time to studying and staying away from distractions like checking social media or watching television. Creating a study schedule in this case would be very helpful. Try completing each task on your to-do list within the set time frames – it will help you adjust to a specific routine and be distracted less.

You can also create a habit of starting with a plan for particularly challenging tasks and writing a step-by-step outline. The habit of breaking assignments down into smaller pieces can also be very helpful. It allows you to feel less overwhelmed by the complexity of the upcoming work.

Organization and Concentration

Organizing and structuring are all about order and the right places. But it’s not just your space that you should be able to organize but also your mind as sometimes it might be too hard to concentrate when you don’t have the right mindset.

The ability to focus and abstract is not that easy to develop but it is definitely possible. The whole set of your campus sometimes helps you with that. A lot of students and noises everywhere make your brain adjust and stay productive even when the environment is not that calm.

The organization of your space is also crucial. Structured space equals a structured mind. Sometimes all you need to be able to avoid some chaotic brain activity is to make sure that your room is cleaned and organized. 


Being absent-minded is not a crime. But when it comes to studying, you need to be very attentive and patient in order to achieve great results.

By implementing self-discipline into your routine and putting effort into being really present and attentive during the lectures, you can improve your studying results. One of the here could be increasing your activity throughout the class hours. Ask questions, participate in discussions, etc. It’s easier to pay attention during the class when you need to join it. Moreover, active students are commonly noticed by professors which might be a great benefit when it comes to grading attendance.

Seeking Help When Needed

The ability to address the problem and admit it in order to seek help when it is needed is not that common unfortunately. Many students feel uncomfortable when it comes to academic advice, homework help, or therapy. However, this is why it is so important to be able to ask for help – not always we are able to manage the situation by ourselves.

For example, sometimes you just can’t complete that assignment on time because you have a job or other papers due. That is when a professional writing service can help you out a lot.

Another example would be to not address health problems – physical or mental. Many students have sleep issues, headaches, or digestion problems due to high levels of stress. You need to take responsibility for your well-being and go see a doctor when something is wrong. Postponing it is not good for your health. Check out the opportunities that your campus provides – advisors, therapists, counselors, and medical care specialists are there to help you out. 

When you find yourself in a position where you need assistance, do not be hesitant to seek it out in any of the following ways: by asking a fellow student for assistance, by going to your professor’s office hours, or by using an online service

Always Improving Knowledge and Skills

Improving yourself is what the learning experience is all about. You grow and you learn, finding new and exciting spheres of life and knowledge. Personal development is crucial for anyone who wants to be successful.

When there is stagnation there can be no progress. Using your free time to learn something new is what allows you to broaden your views and improve your analytical and critical thinking skills. There are very important during your studying but they are even more important during your whole life as well.

Many soft skills can and should be acquired and improved while you are still in college. Communication skills and teamwork are the ones that some people find hard to ace but there is nothing impossible if you set goals. Moreover, positive thinking is what can help you achieve the best results.

Setting goals, even the smallest ones, can make you feel better when you achieve them. This is what creates a habit of praising yourself for victories and celebrating your success which is surely needed when it comes to bigger plans and aspirations. It’s hard to succeed when you don’t acknowledge the distance that you have already managed and the effort that you have put in.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, cultivating these five habits is surely important. Once you understand how to achieve balance in your life and gradually cope with stressful assignments, studying becomes a much easier journey. Sometimes you might need a little push or a change to feel more confident about your abilities and your achievements – a small change in routine can surely do the thing. 

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