5 Best Productivity Apps for College Students

Posted on October 7th, 2022 College Life

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Productivity is often the main concern of many students. You want to make sure that you spend your time with maximum effectiveness and get great results. That is when you can get the advantage of modern technology and various apps for your phone and other gadgets that will boost your productivity and help you avoid procrastination. We have a list of the best productivity apps for college students that you will surely find very useful. Let’s get started.

Apps Can Change Your Routine for the Best

We all seek the best and the most optimal way to do daily tasks – that is the main reason why progress exists. That’s why we have cars and smartphones, cooking devices, washing machines, automats, and heaters – they surround us to save time and improve our lives. But what’s most important – they help us make our daily routine easier and effortless. 

That is why there is hardly ever a point where nothing more can be done to help you even more. Phones are progressing every year to offer something new to you – yoga apps, smart calendars, and various additional features that are meant to assist you and solve your problems.

College students now have more opportunities than ever before. They have access to multiple various tools and study helpers that our parents were only dreaming of. And it includes productivity apps that allow you to control your procrastination and make your studying process as seamless and flawless as possible. They can help you fight that urge to watch videos and shows all day long, improve the quality of your study time, and even plan your day. Here is the list of the best ones that you should try this year.

Cold Turkey

Do you struggle with self-discipline and self-control? Do you find it hard to fight the urge to visit site by site with no concrete reason? Would you like to make an app that controls your website surfing a little bit more organized and proper? If your answer is yes, then you surely need the app that is called Cold Turkey. 

Cold Turkey is an app that blocks websites and applications that you don’t want to be using while you are studying. If you are not strong enough to avoid visiting certain websites or using specific apps like Instagram or TikTok, Cold Turkey will help you out. Simply manage the settings of an app and avoid distractions while you are preparing for the test or writing an essay. 


If you have goals that you know are pretty manageable but you have problems with them because of your procrastination, you need an app called Everyday. Everyday is a habit tracker and daily scheduler that helps you achieve your goals and manage your daily routine to the core.

For example, if you struggle with drinking enough water, finishing your college assignments on time, and working out a few times a week, this app will remind you about what you need to do and when. Consider it your personal trainer or advisor who is not allowing you to break the chain until you ace that routine and make it your daily habit.

It’s so satisfying to watch how long you are sticking to your routine without breaking it! You gain scores for each of the daily tasks and can track your habits and precious scores.


Forest is a productivity app with a very cool idea behind it. Once you sign up it provides you with a small tree that grows every time you avoid using your phone, thus it encourages you to stay offline. You can also whitelist some websites if you need them for your studying.

If you feel like you can’t get out of your phone and need some incentive to not use your phone, this is a great option for you.


Another thing that can help you a lot with your focus is some calm and relaxing music or nature sounds instead of routine noise around you. 

Noisli is an app that allows you to get access to a wide list of sounds that you can mix or play on repeat in order to keep focused while you are studying. Another feature is access to playlists and settings that will help you find the most suitable playlist that improves your concentration and allows you to get into the right mood for studying.

Focus Mode by GeekBot

Focus Mode is an app for students who love the Pomodoro technique or would like to try it out. The Pomodoro technique is named after a kitchen device that looks like a tomato and sets the timer when you are cooking. The main idea behind the technique is to take short breaks every 30-45 minutes.

Focus Mode is an app that allows you to set the desirable timer and customize it according to your needs. Once you are all set, the app will send you notifications and alarms to follow your routine. This is just what you need if you want an app to remind you about your breaks and keep up with your study plan.

Wrapping Up

Phone apps can be both good and bad for your productivity. Some like, for example, social media apps take your time and make you aimlessly scroll through the feed for hours. Some people can stay online for a very long time and put all the other important tasks aside which is definitely not good for your daily schedule and your productivity. But the list of the apps that we have created for you can really help you a lot to avoid procrastination and unwanted phone or web use. We hope that with the help of this list and other great tips from our blog you will be able to improve your productivity and achieve your academic goals. You can also send us your request in case of need and we will help you with your homework assignments. Just let us know what kind of paper you need and we will complete it for you.


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