How to write a critical analysis essay?

Posted on December 4th, 2019 Essay Writing
critical analysis essay

When you’re given a task to complete a critical essay on short notice, you might panic. However, it’s not difficult at all! This article is all about how to write one.
First, it is essential to understand what it is. Any kind of written piece that shows your ability to evaluate a sample of literature or cinematography is called a critical analysis essay. Hence, you are assigned to write these very often while in high school or college.

Sometimes, you might confuse such a work with a report since both are related to articles, movies, books, and even paintings. However, an excellent piece gives the reader a detailed assessment of the sample, pointing towards all its aspects, negative or positive.

Using help from experts, the following is a simple guide on how to write such a piece. Let’s get started!

Start with the Source

The first step before writing such an essay is to read the sample very carefully. Whether it’s a novel, a poem, or a play that you have to analyze, it is imperative to read it from the beginning to the very end. Get hold of a pencil, a pen, a notebook, some highlighters, and some sticky notes. Focus on the questions that you need to answer, make notes while reading.
Secondly, concentrate on the different concepts in the book. Always stick to the instruction given in your assignment. To achieve a high grade, you must also polish your piece and get rid of style and grammatical errors. Also, completing your work while successfully considering all the requirements is another key to better grades.

Picking the Right Title

The second step in writing your piece is choosing a catchy title. Always generate titles that help the reader or another researcher get distinct ideas. Usually, students have to write such papers on books like Hamlet, The Great Gatsby, Frankenstein, Lord of the Rings, and so on. Hence, it is significant to choose titles that are helpful for your readers, and they get really interested in picking your assignment.


The best papers are those that have a logical flow and enough evidence to support the author’s claims. Critical analysis means you have to give your opinion about a particular text, and it does not mean that you have to put forward the negative points only. It is all up to you whether you agree or disagree with the author. However, it is necessary to support your ideas with strong arguments and evidence so that you are able to prove your critique of the writer’s points.
When formatting your paper, pay attention to the requirements of your teacher as there might be particular questions that your essay should answer to. If you face difficulties when completing your essay, you should definitely consider turning to a team of experts who can help you write your piece from scratch or polish the one that you have already written.

Write an unambiguous description

Don’t forget about a summary of the work that you are analyzing. Evaluate and interpret the text involving the organization, style of the writer, and the structure of the piece. Also, discuss how the writer has revealed the topic and conveyed his message. Moreover, talk about how the author influences his readers.

Step by Step

When you are given such an assignment, you are expected to provide an in-depth analysis of the written piece and give your opinion on it. However, it doesn’t mean that you should be negative about the work, but rather objectively highlight the weak points and make your own conclusions about the significance of the work. Remember, that like many other works, this type of paper should provide enough evidence to support your point of view and stay unbiased. The later is one of the hardest tasks for a student, as it means that they should imply their critical thinking skills.

Reading Comes First

It is not so easy to write about something in a critical way. Such a process implies identifying the key ideas of the text and appeals that are used in it. Also, try to uncover what the author’s main idea is and assess how well he or she has conveyed his message in the book.
Keeping the above points in mind, you should start reading the context you are given for your assignment. In addition to this, you must do a good amount of research on different matters like words, terms, and concepts. This is necessary to get a better understanding of the topic given.

Making an Outline

Plan everything before you start writing. This will be beneficial in a number of ways when doing this kind of assignment. You should follow the standard structure of writing a paper, as mentioned above; an intro, a detailed body, and a conclusion. This will help you create a strong document.

Writing the paper

Every paper has to start with a great and catchy introduction, prove the point in the body paragraphs, and wrap everything up in an informative and strong conclusion.
Start with a catchy sentence. It might be a quote, a question or an anecdote. The main purpose of this sentence is to intrigue a reader and give them a reason to continue reading. Then you can provide some information about the author or the story behind the piece that you are analyzing. Lead your reader to the thesis statement that will express your opinion on the piece and the main points that you want to touch in your work.
In the body chapters, it’s great to start with the most powerful evidence that you have. You should always support your claims with various evidence and facts – the best is to stick to the source and use the lines or scenes from the original.


Coming to the concluding part, paraphrase your opinion. The conclusion in any piece of writing matches the introduction; however, it is not a repetition to it. Hence, avoid repeating anything from the introduction. Give a very strong argument based on your explanations stated in previous paragraphs. Also, try showing the readers specific points about the context. Close your work very carefully using suitable wordings. Finally, you can now submit your greatly written piece!

Getting Everything Polished

Once you are done writing, take a little break. Refresh your mind and then come to the point where you have to proofread and polish your piece of writing. Read your piece a number of times and start identifying if there are any mistakes in it that you have to fix or if there is something missing in it. Go into the slightest of details. Also, ask someone who is good at this for help. Never hesitate to ask someone to help edit your work. You can also go for professional help for editing.
Now when you have spotted the mistakes in your critical essay, take some time to revise it all. Next, make changes that are needed to make your text just perfect!

Don’t take too long

Keeping in mind all the above points, you should now be able to write an A-grade piece. Yet you must also focus on some additional tips in order to make your piece more effective and get much better results. You should always start with your assignment as soon as you are given the task. In this way, you get ample time to study and produce a great piece of work. Also, find a good piece of context to work on. A great essay has a proper preface and evolves further very smoothly by making the text move on as a single unit. Lastly, it is important to be logical, follow proper sequencing, present information with little details, and proofread. All these tips will lead you to achieve good marks in your assignment.

You’re all good to go!

Don’t be scared of paper like this, as they are much easier to complete if starting with the right source. So, take your time and pick the one that will resonate with you – the more you are interested in the piece, the easier it will be for you to work with. Don’t forget that we can help you to complete a paper if you are stuck!

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