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Kraft Food Website Marketing

The internet has become a sweeping tool companies can use in marketing. Accordingly, for branders and marketers, acceptance of the value of websites to leverage customer acquisition in selling products and services. Websites establish the foundation to connect with targeted prospects. For Kraft Heinz, networking with customers is integral in website management. Thus, its website has become the go-to destination with the consumer market as the online channel to ensure sales. Thus, creating a platform for guiding the users, interacting with and engaging customers to review their palates has been the successful approach for the website. Nonetheless, the company has developed an effective call for action and affiliate marketing to enhance the website. An in-depth analysis of the two sides of the website should highlight the successes and areas of improvement.

Effectiveness and Thinks that Work Well

Guides the users

The company has been steadfast in developing an all-inclusive website geared at capturing customer interest. Taking the website experience up a notch is evident through promoting an enabling platform for customers to review their products, recipes, advice on healthy living, tips, and ideas (Desai & Vidyapeeth, 2019). Ensuring that the customers have a long-term experience is based on offering the best guides to using some of their products to integrate into the food recipes (Kraft Heinz, 2023). For example, the menu guide for oven-baked chicken parmesan markets the organizational cheese and sauces to develop a delicious meal (Kraft Heinz, 2023). The menu offerings are detailed with a descriptive assessment of the ingredients, cooking time, and additional tips for successful outcomes. The navigation tab furthers the approach that provides insight into increased menus.


Colors, logo standards, brand designs, and eye-capturing images are the first intricate approach to promoting an interactive website. The short and precise menu offerings capture customers at the first peek at the website. Further, the colors and elegant fonts generate an effective platform for the customers to click and assess the offerings (Kraft Heinz, 2023). Description of the product features is apparent, which is added by the tips dependent on the questions raised. The interactive visuals allow customers to engage their creative process in cooking (Desai & Vidyapeeth, 2019).

Engages the consumer’s palates

Customers’ engagement is based on the recognition of broad-centric tastes and preferences. Apart from the fast foods shaped by snacks, the website also provides alternative offerings (Kraft Heinz, 2023). Healthy living is encouraged on the website that is shaped by vegetable-centric foods. The approach is geared toward the expansion of the palates.

What could be Done Better?

No call to action

The company’s website needs to invest more extensively into Call to action (CTA) as a process to encourage customer loyalty. A simple instructional text such as “buy now” or “order now” is not apparent, which does not capture clients who prefer convenience buying (Saura et al., 2019). The company should have invested in ways customers can order diverse food offerings in their homes (Desai & Vidyapeeth, 2019). Further, the organization’s lack of CTA translates into challenges to maintaining loyalty.

No affiliate marketing

Although Kraft Heinz is a large snack company, it would have been prudent to adopt affiliate marketing on the website. Partnering with chefs or online food delivery companies should have eased access to their advertised recipes (Desai & Vidyapeeth, 2019). Customers being able to order the products on the website and maintaining a strategic relationship with other businesses should have enhanced their product advertisement.


Websites are integral tools for guiding, engaging and interacting with customers. The sites play an integral role in maintaining consumer loyalty. The Kraft Heinz website adopts the necessary measures to capture customer attention and engage them to recognize the value of their products. However, CTA and affiliate marketing are essential to ensure that they can engage in online business with customers.


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