Effects of Feminism in Modern Society

Feminism identifies, promotes, and accomplishes the ideological, fiscal, psychological, and societal equality of men and women. It encompasses a variety of progressive movements, political systems, and philosophies. Feminism’s concept and practice have changed and improved women’s lives in the United States and worldwide (Kaman, 2021). These effects have been profound and long-lasting. Feminism has criticized and attacked social inequities, explored how gender, color, class, way of life, nationality, faith, gender identity, and impairment interact, and brought attention to many other stark examples of oppression and inequality (Kaman, 2021).

Feminism’s impact on contemporary culture has a long history, dating back to when women campaigned for equality with men. Women’s liberation aims to encourage people to advance gender parity and elevate women’s place in society. Emma Watson’s 2014 address to the UN will serve as a contemporary illustration of this campaign (Williams & Durham, 2015). Throughout the 20th century, these initiatives profoundly impacted our current society as well as the lives of several individual women. The results may be observed today, where there is less job discrimination against women, and some even earn more than their male counterparts (Williams & Durham, 2015). Today’s society has undergone more beneficial than bad changes due to feminism.

Not only has feminism sparked a discussion about inequity, but it has also sparked substantial alterations in our society’s social, political, and cultural structure (Williams & Durham, 2015). The campaign had the tools and the drive to make lasting changes thanks to feminism. The freedom to vote, expanded educational opportunities, more fair compensation, the ability to start divorce procedures, access to contraception and abortion, and the ability to have possessions are all part of this transition (Williams & Durham, 2015). The extensive list of accomplishments shows how feminism has influenced all women’s life-size in some way. Feminism has profoundly altered our civilization politically and culturally when compared to then.

Because it derives from and supports historically sound developmental mechanisms and power contexts, feminism is reasonably healthy (Brysk. & Carreño., 2020). In addition to producing equal, modern, and well-run economies that function better across the board regarding social well-being, the product strategies that promote women’s participation also do so. More significant and evenly distributed socio-economic growth is linked to gender parity, improving health care delivery. A more excellent middle and working class, more robust state capacity, and much more drive for political accountability are all related to the shift from patriarchal patterns of social administration toward a more inclusive society (Brysk. & Carreño., 2020). Because of the institutional incentives, lower levels of authority provide to participate in the larger population, the increased engagement, public health, and child welfare receive more funding when women are empowered (Brysk. & Carreño., 2020).

Some of the original principles that feminism was built upon still hold today, despite how society has twisted them. Despite having more equal chances in society, women must not undervalue the value of men and women cooperating to create a functioning society (Kaman, 2021). It is necessary to examine the widely held belief in quotas. The best candidates should be chosen for jobs or college admission, not based on gender. Feminism has been maligned by society as a damaging doctrine because women who don’t want to strive for their approval have used it as an alibi (Kaman, 2021). Men and women must understand that society cannot function without each other.

In a nutshell, feminism has sparked a discussion about inequality and paved the way for political reform, but it also carries a stigmatized worldview that is untrue and demeaning. We have come to understand its significance, thanks to feminism. It embodies fresh starts, in my opinion. As the topic of the discussion, it represents a significant shift and is a revolution that still needs to advance. Despite the impressive results that feminism has had for female issues, I think that more reform is still necessary. Over time, feminism has changed and is still evolving. This is encouraging in and of itself because evolution and change are essential to growth.


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Author: Shannon Lee
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